J P Ropes & Twines

3 / 4 StrandPP Danline Rope
Danline rope is made of the finest polypropylene and polyethylene fiber, offering especially high ultra-violet resistance and the best load bearing capabilities. The rigidly controlled standards ensure the most flexible, best balanced, longest wearing rope. One strand of the rope may have blue, black or red tracer for the identification of superior quality. Danline Rope recommended uses are Fishing, anchor and dock line, and any recreational and sporting application, as well as for a vast range of netting applications.

Sizes Available 2mm to 44mm.

up to 14 mm = + / - 8%
16mm & above = + / - 5%
Each coil tied along 4 sides with pp string. Then wrapped with stretch film and some in poly propylene bags (below 6 mm) and then packed in raffia bags.
Colour Available
  • Golden Yellow
  • White
  • More Colours with tracer available on request
  • Coil Length Available
  • 110, 220,330,500 meter
  • Various length packing is also available on request
  • Shipping
    Various Shipping marks can be printed on bags which include Bag size, Length, Number. of Coils, Bag No. Assorted Colours etc.

    Twist Up to 6mm single twist & further more double twist or three twist as per request. The minimum breaking load (MBL) = Breaking Strength/6 Please feel free to contact us for information regarding lengths, special colors, different packing or any other customized requirement.

  • Fishing
  • Agriculture
  • Anchor & Mooring lines for small craft
  • Submersible Pump
  • Nets
  • Construction
  • Erection of Towers
  • Marine
  • Key Features
  • Light weight
  • Higher Breaking strength
  • Floats on water
  • Minimal water absorption
  • Inert to chemical reactions hence longer life
  • Controlled elongation
  • Bright shiny colours
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